Curated by Bill Ramage

The gallery is open 9AM - 5PM Weekdays

Please note that you will need to use the front entrance except during 77Art events

Exhibiting Artists:

Debo Mouloudji, Jamaal Clacke, Christine Holzschuh, Ben Leber, Marilyn Lucey, Bill Ramage, Whitney Ramage, Oliver Schemm, and Dick Weis.

Curator Statement:

Rutland Studio August— The Prtraits of Debo Mouloudjiis is an exhibition examining the result of a portrait artist painting other artists.

Debo Mouloudji is one of six artists who participated in the inaugural 77ART Residency program last August. When she arrived in Rutland, she had canvases, paint, brushes, and an urgent need for subjects to paint. Many of the people I asked to volunteer were artists as well. This is because I was fascinated with Debo’s command of her medium and thought artists would appreciate the opportunity to observe the incisive grace of her gestures. Christine Holzschuh, Marilyn Lucey, Dick Weis, Oliver Schemm, Ben Leber, Jamaal Clacke, Whitney Ramage and each took a turn under her gaze, watching her paint.

Nearing the end of her stay in Rutland, Debo and I began considering the possibility of curating an exhibition of her portraits alongside artworks from each of the artists she painted. These portraits lie within a tradition of artists painting artists. They are somewhere between the intensity of Chuck Close’s portrait of Lucas Samaras and the intimacy of Alice Neel’s portrait of Andy Warhol. Debo’s fluid mastery of her medium allows her to delve into the characters of the people she paints, resulting in these stunning portraits; a humanist study of the artists who call this region home.