At 77ART, we see a bright future for Rutland and believe that art will take us there. By engaging socially minded artists from our community and around the world, we are building a better future for central Vermont. 77ART is a multifaceted undertaking made possible by the generous support of Mark Foley, MKF Properties, and the Rutland Community.

In addition to our inaugural venue at 77 Grove Street, 77ART has embraced a number of intentionally mobile exhibition spaces currently located in downtown, including the B&G and West Street Galleries. We are designed to transform and grow alongside Rutland’s emerging downtown.

77ART hosts an artist residency program which this year will welcome 42 national and international artists to Rutland over the course of three sessions (June, August, October) — a 600% expansion from our pilot year in 2018.

The studios, located on the top floor of 77 Grove Street, will be host to artist-led workshops and artist-talks to encourage a cultural exchange with the community. This season, we will be welcoming international artists from The Netherlands, China, Korea, Ghana, France and the UK, as well as US-based artists from major cities like New York, Miami, Boston, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Austin, among others.

Additionally, the Young Curator’s Project (YCP) welcomes middle and high school students to learn and grow at 77ART, consisting of workshops taught biweekly by volunteers. The young curators will learn how to think critically about art and ultimately curate a show.

Art makes the world a better place when communities love, celebrate, and support it.